Special sessions

ICEM 2020 - Special Sessions

The following special sessions are proposed:

  1. 3D Methods for Interior Stress/Strain Measurement

  1. Additive Manufacturing

  1. Dynamic Behavior of Materials and Structures

  1. Fatigue and Fracture of Polymers

  1. Fracture, Damage Mechanics and Durability of Structural Concrete

  1. Innovative Testing Methods for Cementitious Materials and Structures

  1. Mechanics of Cement-steel and Cement-rock Interfaces

  1. Meso-scale Mechanics: between Micro- and Macro-               
  1. Micro/Nano-Mechanical Testing of Materials

  1. Non-contact and Optical Dynamic Measurements

  1. Novel Approach to Deformation Theories

  1. Optical Methods for Bioengineering

  1. Photoelasticity

  1. Rate-dependence in Polymers

  1. Recycled Constituent Composites          

  1. Risk and Reliability in the Oil and Gas Industry: an Increasing Challenge for Materials

  1. Thermomechanical Behavior of Metallic Alloys

  1. Vibration Assessment of Bridges

  2. Rock and Soil Mechanics

  3. Structural Health Monitoring and its role in the sustainability of the built environment


ICEM 2020 Thematic Sessions

ICEM 2020 Symposia

S1. Novel Applications of Experimental Mechanics