Conference programme




17.07.2022 - SUNDAY

     15:00 - 20:00     
     18:00 - 20:00     
Welcome Reception

18.07.2022 - MONDAY

08:00 - 09:00
09:00 - 10:00
Opening Ceremony - Large Hall A
10:00 - 11:00
Professor George Z.Voyiadjis
Gradient Enhanced Physically Based Plasticity: Size Effects and Shear
11.00 - 12:00
Professor Jianguo Lin
New Challenges on Developing Experimental Methods for Innovative Metal Forming Techniques
12:00 - 12:30
Coffee break
Medium Hall A
Medium Hall B
Small Hall
Seminar Room
12:30 - 13:00

TS1 309

H. Liu,
X.  Yang,
Y. Zheng, 
Y. Hu, 
A. Wang, 
D. Politis, 
O. ElFakir, 
L. Wang 
Data Mapping for Hot Aluminium Stamping Towards Tribological Characterization Schemes 


P.-C. Sung, 
W.-C. Wang,
Y.-L. Yeh
A Photoelastic Method by Enhanced Exposure for Low-Level Stress Measurement in Thin Glass Plate

2  327

M. El Kadi, 
T. Tysmans, 
D. Van Hemelrijck
Influence of Transversal Connection Type on Flexural Behaviour of 3D Textile Reinforced Cement Composites (TRC)

10  40

N. Ospitia,
A.  Pourkazemi,
E. Tsangouri, 
H. Azzam, 
J.H. Stiens,
D.G. Aggelis
Combination of Milimeter Wave Spectroscopy, Ultrasonic Testing and Infrared Thermography Techniques to Monitor Curing Evolution of TRC Plates
13:00 - 13:20

TS1 496

B. Augustyniak,   
M. Chmielewski, 
L. Piotrowski
Review of Recent Achievements in Stress State Evaluation in Technical Element with Barkhausen Efect

8  443

W.H. Fraser,
R.A. Tomlinson,
A.J. Parnell
Rational Design of a New Reflection Photoelastic Coating


K. A. Kalteremidou, 
B.R. Murray,
D. Carrella-Payan,
D. Van Hemelrijck,
L. Pyl
Combination of Digital Image Correlation and Acoustic Emission for Damage Assessment of V-Shape Carbon/Epoxy Sub-Components

10 118

M. Dorn,
O. Abdeljaber,
J. Klaeson
Monitoring of Large Civil Structures – House Charlie
13:20 - 14:20
Lunch break
Medium Hall A
Medium Hall B
Small Hall
Seminar Room
14:20 - 14:40

TS1 412

G.Z. Voyiadjis,
R.A. Znemah,
P. Wood
Effect of Element Wall Thickness on the Homogeneity and Isotropy of Hardness in SLM IN718 Using Nanoindentation

7 502

M. Kneć,
M. Wątrobiński,
P. Golewski,
J. Andrzejewski

DIC Verification of FEA Data Modeled on Real CT Scans

2  420 

T. Libura,
A. Rusinek,
R. Matadi Boumbimba,
Z.L. Kowalewski,
P. Gerard
Influence of Fatigue Aging and Fiber Orientation on the High Velocity Impact Resistance of Glass Woven Reinforced Elium Acrylic Laminates

10  252

G. Lacidogna,
G. Niccolini,
O. Borla,
A. Carpinteri

A Study on Stability of the Medieval "Twin Towers" of Bologna in Italy



14:40 - 15:00

TS1 298

J. Szafran
Failure Mechanisms of Steel Lattice Towers According to Full-Scale Testing

7 215

N.A. Valente,
M. Southwick,
Z. Mao,
C. Niezrecki
Optical Motion Magnification Enhancement and Quantifciation for Structural Dynamic Measurement

2 445

B. Seers,
R.A. Tomlinson,
P. Fairclough
Using Embedded Optical Fibres to Measure Residual Strain in Rapidly Curing Epoxy Composites

10 316

A. Grazzini,
G. Lacidogna,
M. Zerbinatti,
S. Fasana

Digital Image Correlation Analysis Applied to Mortar Shrinkage Tests for the Durability of Restoration Works

15:00 - 15:20

TS1 435

T. Wang,
Y. Wang,
R. Crocetti,
M. Wålinder
In-Plane Load-to-Grain Angle Dependency of the Compressive Behavior of Birch Plywood

7 180

S. Arikawa,
K. Takahashi
Measurement of Continuous Deformation By Speckle Interferometry Using One Step Phase Analysis with Intensity Normalization

2 476

S. Devi,
V. Parameswaran
Evaluation of Debonding Toughness of Bonded Layers Using with the Shaft Loaded Blister Test

10 328

M. Khayatazad,
L. De Pue,
W. De Waele
Detection of Corrosion on Steel Structures Using Automated Image Processing


15:20 - 15:40
Coffee break
Medium Hall A
Medium Hall B
Small Hall
Seminar Room
15:40 - 16:10
TS1 487
S.K. Mitra
Reflection Interference Contrast Microscopy: a Versatile Tool for Wetting Studies


TS1 212
S. Mroziński,
M. Piotrowski,
H. Egner
Calculation and Fatigue Testing of Steel P91 in Conditions of Variable Load and Creep

6 101

W. Qiu,
L. Ma,
Y. Chang,
H. Xing,
M. Wang,
X. Fan

Acounting for Shear Stress Effect: Raman-Stress Relationship for Arbitrary Crystal Orientation

10 329

E. Tsangouri,
A. Hardy,
A. Van Driessche,
A. Si Larbi,
D.G. Aggelis

Acoustic Monitoring of Cementitious Composite Plates for Load-Bearing Applications

16:10 - 16:30
TS1 442
L. Kanzenbach,
J. Ihlemann
Specimen Setup for Lifetime Investigations of Rubber Materials in the Compression Range


TS1 59
Y. Nakai,
T. Hirai,
S. Kikuchi
Effect of Grain Size and Force Ratio on Fatigue Crack Propagation Behavior of Nanocrystalline Ni Thin Film

6 228

T.N. Examilioti,
N. Kashaev,
B. Klusemann,
N.D. Alexopoulos
Investigation of the Local Mechanical Properties of Laser Beam Welded AA2198 (Al-Cu-Li Alloy) Joints Using Micro-Mechanical Characteristics

10 395

G. Lefever,
D. Snoeck,
N. De Belie,
D. Van Hemelrijck,  
D.G. Aggelis

Acoustic Monitoring for Curing and Characterization of Advanced Cementitious Materials

16:30 - 16:50

TS1  465

L. Navrátil,
Y. Marco,
V. Le Saux,
S. Leclercq,
N. Carrere

Contribution of Thermoelastic Coupling Evaluation on the Thermomechanical Characterization of 3D Carbon Composites

TS1 214

A. Ustrzycka,
Z. Mróz,
Z.L. Kowalewski,
S. Kucharski
Analysis of Fatigue Crack Initiation in Cyclic Microplasticity Regime

6 387

J.P.M. Hoefnagels,
N.H. Vonk,
E.C.A. Dekkers,  
M.P.F.H.L. Van Maris
A Multi-Purpose, Hygro-Thermo-Mechanical, In-Situ X-Ray CT Tester

10  341

A.C. Mpalaskas,
I.F. Giannoulakis,
D.G. Aggelis,
T.E. Matikas

Acoustic Emission Investigation in the Fracture Behavior of Fiber-Reinforced Mortar Specimens

16:50 - 18:00
    EuraSEM Council Meeting

19.07.2022 - TUESDAY

08:00 - 09:00
09:00 - 10:00
PLENARY LECTURE 3 - Medium Hall A + B
Professor Paul Wood
Selective Laser Melting of a High Precision Turbomachinery Application in IN718 Alloy
10:00 - 11:00
PLENARY LECTURE 4 - Medium Hall A + B
Professor Małgorzata Kujawińska
Full-Field Optical Methods in Experimental Mechanics: Past, Present and Future Challenges
11:00 - 11:30
Coffee break
Medium Hall A
Medium Hall B
Small Hall
Seminar Room
11:30 - 12:00

TS1  68

S. Gerke,
S. Koirala,
M. Brünig
New Biaxial Specimens and Experiments to Characterize Sheet Metal Anisotropy and Damage



S. Kuramoto,
K. Onose,
E. Nakagawa,
T. Ohmura

Observation of Plastic Deformation in Gum Metal by In-Situ Compression in TEM

TS4  260

X. Liu,
S. Dhawan,
Y.X. Lim,
O. El Fakir,
J. Liu,
X. Yang,
L. Wang
Development of a Multi-Objective Finite Element Simulation Framework for Hot Stamping Processes

S1  95

S.-T. Lin,
H.-H. Lai
Inspections Using Differential Interference Contrast Microscope Based on Shearing Interferometry
12:00 - 12:20

TS1  117

J. Li,
L. Li,
Q. Wang,
S. Wang,
C. Li,
Z. Wang
Study on Crack Evolution of Film-Substrate Structure under Prefabricated Crack


C. Pereira Sánchez,
M. Houbben,
J.F. Fagnard,
P. Harmeling,
C. Jérôme,
L. Noels,
P. Vanderbemden

Thermo-Electro-Mechanical Characterization of a Shape Memory Composite During Electric Activation

TS4 136

T. Katz,
S. Mackiewicz,
Z. Ranachowski
Improved Detection of Progressive Transverse Cracking in the Rail Head Using Ultrasonic Technique

S1  28

M. Arai,
T. Doi,
K. Ito
High-Temperature Indentation Creep Test by a Flat-Ended Cylinder Punch
12:20 - 12:40

TS1  352

J. Ławrecka,
K. Rybkowska,
M. Smolnicki,
S. Duda,
P. Zielonka
Review of the Mode I and Mode II Fracture Behaviour of Hybrid Composite Materials for Composite Rebars


G. Mikułowski,
B. Poplawski,
Ł. Jankowski
Semi-Active Mitigation of Structural Vibrations in 2D Frames by On/Off Nodal Reconfiguration



TS4  165

M. Chapelier,
R. Bouclier,
J. C. Passieux
Geometric Regularization of Mesh-Based 3D Shape Measurements Using Multilevel Splines

S1  29

L.-S. Su,
J.-L. Tsai
Characterizing Mechanical Property of Nanocomposites with Aligned Graphene
12:40 - 13:00

TS1  360

K. Junik,
M. Smolnicki,
B. Babiarczuk,
G. Lesiuk,
S. Duda,
P. Zielonka
Fracture Behaviour of the Notched PUR Rigid Polyurethane Components – Uniaxial vs. Multiaxial Loading


E. Pieczyska,
K. Golasiński,
M. Staszczak,
J. Janiszewski,
J. Sienkiewicz,
S. Kuramoto,
N. Takesue

Gum Metal Subjected to Compression Loading in a Wide Spectrum of the Strain Rates

TS4  344

G. Ilewicz,
A. Harlecki
Optimization of Transient States of Surgical Robot to Soft Tissue Surgery Using MOGA Genetic Algorithm



S1  31

H. Kajita,
T. Murai,
M. Arai,
K. Ito,
K. Funakoshi,
A. Yoshimitsu

Creep Deformation and Damage Analysis for High-Temperature Welded Piping Subjected to Load Combined with Bending Moment and Torque

13:00 - 13:20

TS1  369

R. Schmidt,
B. Skoczeń,
J. Tabin
Experimental Identification of Crack Propagation in Austenitic Stainless Steel at Cryogenic Temperatures

9  419

N.D. Alexopoulos,
A. Dimou,
Z.S. Metaxa,
S.K. Kourkoulis

Piezoresistive Properties of Carbon – Based Cementitious Nanocomposites

TS4  381

V. Tuninetti,
G. Gilles,
P. Flores,  
G. Pincheira,
L. Duchêne,
A.M. Habraken

Direct and Inverse Characterization of the Asymmetric Hardening Behavior of Bulk Ti64 Alloy

S1 50

M. Zistl,
S. Gerke,
M. Brünig
Experiments on Damage and Failure Behavior of Biaxially Loaded Specimens Under Non-Proportional Load Paths
13:20 - 14:20
Lunch break
Medium Hall A
Medium Hall B
Small Hall
Seminar Room
14:20 - 14:40

TS1  498

C.M. Charalampidou,
N.D. Alexopoulos,
R.J. Mostert,
M. Khodja,
S.K. Kourkoulis
The Effect of Pre-Stretching on the Mechanical Performance of Al-Cu-Li Alloys


K. Fukazawa,
S. Arikawa
Development of Actuator Materials Using Photothermal Conversion by Localized Surface Plasmon Resornance


B. Zuanetti,
T. Wang,
V. Prakash
Anomalous Dynamic Behavior of Polycrystalline Pure Aluminum at Ultra-High Shearing Rates and Elevated Temperatures

S1  131

M. Kopec,
K. Wang,
Z.L. Kowalewski,
L. Wang
Development of Novel Hot Stamping Technology Process of Titanium Alloy
14:40 - 15:00

TS1  499

M.S. Hossain,
S.S.M. Al Hinai,
MD S. Miah
Residual Stress Characterization and Part Distortion in Extruded Heat Treated Aluminum Alloy Used in the Fabrication of Second Rib Structure of an Aircraft Wing


H. Koyama,
S. Arikawa
Investigation of Periodic Cellular Structure Expanded by Acoustic Waves


D. Kumar,
S.N. Khaderi
The Effect of Sabot Mass and the Interfacial Friction Between the Sabot and Striker on the Incident Signals of a Split-Hopkinson Bar

S1 167

R. Fouque,
R. Bouclier,
J.C. Passieux,
J.N. Périé
Which Pattern for Multiscale Digital Image Correlation?
15:00 - 15:20

TS1  88

L. Andrusiv
Experimental Study of Reinforcing Mechanical Properties of Nylon-11 in Selective Laser Sintering

9  426

M. Pastor-Cintas,
L. Felipe-Sesé,
Á. Molina-Viedma,
E. López-Alba,
F.A. Díaz
Modal Shape Visualization Employing FP+2D-DIC and Phased-Based Motion Magnification

S1  467

A. Camacho Reyes,
F.A. Diaz,
J.M. Vasco Olmo,
E. López Alba,
L.A. Felipe Sesé,
A.J. Molina Viedma,
J.A. Almazán Lázaro

Evaluation of the Effective Stress Intensity Factor Using Thermoelastic Stress Analysis and 2D Digital Image Correlation

15:20 - 16:20
Poster session - Exhibition Room A+B
114 Evaluation of Deployment System for New Generation Personnel Rescue Parachute with the Use of Dynamic Scale Parachute Models
K.S. Szafran,
I. Kramarski
141 Fatigue of the High Strength Steel and Its Weld
T. Szymczak,
P. Prochenka,
K. Makowska,
Z.L. Kowalewski
148 Impact Energy Absorbtion of Additively Manufactured Lightweight Structures
S. Szałkowski,
G. Socha
150 Experimental Verification of a New Constitutive Model of Composite Materials
A. Wiśniewska,
A. Liber Kneć,
H. Egner
155 Elasticity Measurement of Skin by Phase Stability Improved Optical Coherence Elastography
Y. Hu,
C. Sun,
J. Chen
161 Experimentally Motivated Fatigue Damage Model For P91 Steel
W. Egner,
P. Sulich,
S. Mroziński,
H. Egner
163 Comparison of Measurements and Predictions for a Thermally-Induced Deformation of a Stainless-Steel Tube
S.N. Eseigbe,
M. Bankhead,
R.J. Taylor,
E.A. Patterson
204 Development of One-Shot Shadow Moiré System for Surface Profile Measurement
T.Y. F. Chen,
C.C. Lee,
F. Y. Cheng
246 Structural and Micromechanical Properties of Laser Marking Stainless Steel (AISI 304)
P. Dywel,
L. Skowronski
263 Identification of the Yield Surface of the Al/Cu Bimetallic Sheet R. Uścinowicz
306 High Strain Rate Ductility of the Selected Metals for Shaped Charge Liners
J. Janiszewski,
J. Sienkiewicz,
W. Burian,
A. Kowalski,
A. Żak,
P. Prochenka
330 Mechanical and Interfacial Properties Testing of Physical Vapor Deposited Metallic Films after Rapid Thermal Annealing
T.H. Yang,
K. S. Chen
345 NDE Optical Based Methods for Liners Assessment for Hydrogen Storage
K. Wachtarczyk,
P. Gąsior,
J. Kaleta,
N. Yadav
348 Using of Electrical Resistance Tomography for Localization of Damage of Thin Carbon Layer
M. Stepnowski,
P. Pyrzanowski
372 The Stress Analysis in Polyethylene Tibia Component of Unicompartmental Knee Implants Using Finite Element Method
M. Żak,
J. Mika
375 First Attempts to Describe the Fatigue State of the Material Using X-Ray Diffraction Methods
E. Gadalińska,
M. Malicki,
B. Madejski
446 Impact of Chevron Orifice Geometry on the Noise Reduction and Flow Properties of Synthetic Jet E. Smyk
451 Measurement of Stresses in Polycrystalline Materials Using Energy Dispersive X-Ray Diffraction
A. Oponowicz,
M. Marciszko-Wiąckowska,
A. Baczmański,
M. Klaus,
Ch. Genzel,
S. Wroński,
M. Wróbel
461 Impact Compression Testing of Pure Ice Using Split Hopkinson Bar Method and High-Speed Camera
Y. Nakao,
H. Yamada,
N. Ogasawara
466 Planar Shear Specimens for High Strain-Rate Testing of Engineering Materials Using the Conventional SHPB Technique: Experimental and Numerical Investigations
K. Cieplak,
M. Grązka,
Ł. Konwerski,
J. Janiszewski
471 Evaluation of Shear Strength of Thick Adhesive Joints Made of a Combination of Two Different Tough Adhesives
J. Karami,
A. Shivaie Kojouri,
J. Fan,
A. Vassilopoulos,
V. Michaud,
W. Van Paepegem,
A. Kalteremidou,
D. Van Hemelrijck
480 Assessment of the Non-Newtonian Liquid Filled Cell Potential to Mitigate the Impact Force
A. Rotariu,
L. Matache,
F. Bucur,
F. Dirloman,
P. Turtoi,
C. Enescu,
E. Trană
486 Suitability of Digital Image Correlation for Fatigue Damage Development Monitoring in X10CRMOVNB9-1 Power Engineering Steel
A. Brodecki,
M. Kopeć,
Z.L. Kowalewski
489 Probabilistic Study on Cracking Evolution and Fracture Energy Change of Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete
I. Pokorska,
M. Poński,
W. Kubissa,
T. Libura,
A. Brodecki,
Z.L. Kowalewski
495 Measuring Displacements and Strains During Fatigue Testing of 31 Meter Wind Turbine Blade Using Digital Image Correlation with Dispersed Fields
A. Styk,
O. Sobiecki,
S. Semenow,
M. Jankowski,
M. Kujawińska
Medium Hall A
Medium Hall B
Small Hall
Seminar Room
15:40 - 16.40 EuraSEM General Assembly
16:40 - 18:00 EuraSEM Council Meeting
17:00 - 20:30
Sightseeing tour of Kraków and Coctail Party at the City Hall of Kraków
(beverages and snacks)

20.07.2022 - WEDNESDAY

08:00 - 09:00
09:00 - 10:00
PLENARY LECTURE 5 - Medium Hall A + B
Professor Raj Das 
Virtual Forensic Laboratory - Developing Bio-Simulant Human Craniums for Extreme Injury Assessment
10:00 - 11:00
PLENARY LECTURE 6 - Medium Hall A + B
Professor Błażej Skoczeń
Plasticity, Damage and Fracture in the Proximity of Absolute Zero. From Experiment to Constitutive Models
11:00 - 11:30
Coffee break
Medium Hall A
Medium Hall B
Small Hall
Seminar Room
11:30 - 12:00

TS1  179

A. Ustrzycka,
F.J. Dominguez-Gutierrez,
M. Nowak,
K. Mulewska,
A. Azarov,
Ł. Kurpaska,
B. Skoczeń
Physical and Mechanical Effects of Radiation Damage


M. Cristea,
D. Ionita,
E. Pieczyska
Dynamic Mechanical Analysis in Investigations of Smart Materials: a Polymer Chemist Thinking


I. Barwinska,
M. Kopec,
M. Łazińska,
A. Brodecki,
T. Durejko,
Z.L. Kowalewski

Suitability of Laser Engineered Net Shaping Technology for Inconel 625 Based Parts Repair Process

12:00 - 12:20
TS1 34
E. Yonemichi,
H. Katori,
M. Arai,
K. Ito,
T. Suidzu
Brick Model for Nonlinear Deformation and Microcracking in Ceramic Thermal Barrier Coating

9 477

M. Nabavian Kalat,
M. Staszczak,
Y. Ziai, 
A. Gradys,
L. Urbański,
E. Pieczyska

The Effect of Shape Memory Behavior on the Microstructure of the PU-SMP (Tg = 45°C)

S1  192

W.-C. Wang,
C.-Y. Lin
Research and Development of a Multi-Function Confocal Inteferometer Using Diffractive Optical Element


D. Croccolo,
M. De Agostinis,
S. Fini,
G. Olmi,
L. Paiardini,
F. Robusto,
S. Ciric Kostic,
N. Bogojevic

Fatigue Strength of as Fabricated DMLS Produced 15-5 PH Stainless Steel and Effects of Post-Manufacture Treatments

12:20 - 12:40

TS1  72

J. Lang,
C. Schmidt,
T. Böhlke
Investigation of the Anisotropic Damage Behavior of SMC Composites under Biaxial Stress States




C M. Staszczak,
M. Nabavian Kalat,
L. Urbański,
M. Cristea,
E. A. Pieczyska
Influence of Strain Rate and Cooling Rate on the Mechanical Behaviour Shape Memory Polyurethane with Tg = 65°C

S1  195

S. Brialmont,
J.F. Fagnard,
P. Vanderbemden
Use of Metallic Strain Gauges for Torque Magnetometry: Application to the Contactless Characterization of Large Magnetized Superconducting Samples

1  96

D. Croccolo,
M. De Agostinis,
S. Fini,
G. Olmi,
L. Paiardini,
F. Robusto,
S. Ciric Kostic,
N. Bogojevic

Effect of the Position in the Build Chamber on the Fatigue Response of DMLS Produced Maraging Steel

12:40 - 13:00

TS1  186

D. Kukla,
M. Kopec,
Z.L. Kowalewski
Assessment of Hardness Evolution of Heat Treated AMS6414 Steel by Using Non-Destructive Methods

9  490

K. Balasubramaniam,
R. Soman,
P. Fiborek,
P. Kudela,
P.H. Malinowski

Study of Bond Length and Its Effect on Guided Waves Using Fiber Optic Sensors

S1  230

S.T. Akter,
T.K. Bader,
L. Muszyński
Moisture Content Influence on the Rolling Shear Behaviour of Spruce Clear Wood


P. Dziewit,
P. Płatek,
J. Sienkiewicz,
J. Kluczyński,
J. Janiszewski

Mechanical Studies on 3D Regular Cellular Structures under Quasi-Static and Impact Loading

13:00 - 13:20
TS1  54
P. Cerasi,
N. Agofack,
S. Rørheim,
L. Edvardsen, 
H. Bhuiyan
Effect of Field Caprock Shale Exposure to CO2on Its Mechanical Properties – a Comparison of Experimental Techniques


K.M. Golasiński,
W. Tasaki,
M. Maj,
E.A. Pieczyska,
H.Y. Kim
Effect of Oxygen on Mechanical Behavior of Ti-25Nb Based Shape Memory Alloys

S1 391

H. Liu,
L. Wang,
X. Yang,
Y. Zheng
Galling Behaviour in Aluminium Stamping Processes: Modelling and Experiments

1 383

P. Bajerski,
R.B. Pęcherski
Influence of the Crystallization Kinetic in the Thermoplastic Polymers on Volumetric Shrinkage in Additive Manufacturing Processes
13:20 - 14:20
Lunch break
Medium Hall A
Medium Hall B
Small Hall
Seminar Room
14:20 - 14:40

TS1 66

T. Sasaki,
T. Ogawa,
S. Yoshida
Residual Stress Estimation with Visualization of Thermal Deformation Using Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry

5  38

C. D’Hondt,
V. Doquet,
J.P. Couzinié
Monitoring of Twinning-Detwinning in a TWIP Steel Under Reversed Cyclic Loading by in Situ Tests under an AFM or in a SEM with HR-DIC

S1  448

J. Widłaszewski,
M. Nowak,
Z. Nowak,
P. Kurp
Curvature Change in Laser-Assisted Bending of Inconel 718



D. Chantzis,
X. Liu,
D. Politis,
L. Wang
Additive Manufacturingof Lattice Structured Hot Stamping Dies with Improved Thermal Performance
14:40 - 15:00

TS1  69

E. Peretzki,
T. Lehmann,
J. Ihlemann
Preliminary Investigations for Residual Stress Analysis Inside of Plastic Parts


5  431

E. Zgheib,
A. Alhussein,
M.F. Slim,
K. Khalil,
M. François

Multiscale Modeling of the Elasticity of Thin Films Deposited at Oblique Incidence

S1  456

C. Desbordes,
R. Pesci,
B. Piotrowski,
N. Raphoz,
O. Mailliart
New Nano Inserts-Based Solution for Micro Display or Sensor Assembly in Microelectronics. Experiments and Simulations

1  415

P. Efstratios,
P. Lincy
Effect of Printing Direction in Technical Elastic Properties of Nylon 3D-Printed Materials

15:00 - 15:20

TS1  251

X. Yang,
Q. Zhang,
Y. Zheng,
X. Liu,
D. Politis,
O. El Fakir,
L. Wang

Investigation on Friction Coefficient Evolution and Lubricant Breakdown Behaviour at Elevated Temperatures in a Pin-on-Disc Sliding System

5  462
C. Allen,
H. Coules,
C. Truman
Understanding the Effect of Prior Plasticity on Primary Creep Accumulation

S1  497

X. Tu,
Y. Zeng,
S. Wang,
Z. Wang
Thickness and Sound Velocity Measurements in Thin Metal Film by Picosecond Ultrasonics

1 472

P. Płatek,
J. Janiszewski,
J. Kluczyński,
K. Grzelak,
M. Sarzyński,
K. Makowska,
M. Polański

Microstructural and Mechanical Characterization of CuSn10 Alloy Fabricated Additively bythe SLM

15:20 - 15:40

TS1  368

K. Szkoda-Poliszuk,
M. Żak,
C. Pezowicz
The Analysis of the Impact of Different Configurations of Fixation System of the Thoracolumbar Spine on Mechanical Parameters


P. Kot,
A. Baczmański,
S. Wroński,
M. Wroński,
M. Wróbel,
J. Pilch,
K. Wierzbanowski
Neutron Diffraction Study of Stresses Localised at Groups of Grains in Textured Magnesium Alloy under Mechanical Loading

TS2 256

M. Muraoka,
H. Sakurai
Coalescence of Droplets Containing Particles in Creeping Flow through a Cylindrical Tube


16.30 - 23.00
Visit at the Wieliczka Salt Mine and Gala Dinner

21.07.2022 - THURSDAY

08:00 - 09:00
09:00 - 10:00
PLENARY LECTURE 7 - Medium Hall A + B
Professor Christian Hellmich
Thermodynamics and Homogenisation Theory as Driving Forces in the Design of Novel Experiments and the (Re-)Evaluation of Data
10:00 - 11:00
PLENARY LECTURE 8 - Medium Hall A + B
Professor Marek Stankiewicz
Synchrotron SOLARIS - Applications for Experimental Mechanics
11:00 - 11:30
Coffee break
Medium Hall A
Medium Hall B
Small Hall
Seminar Room
11:30 - 12:00

TS1  158

T. Lehmann,
J. Ihlemann

Strain Evaluation Near 3D Curved Boundaries Based on DIC Data


J.P.M. Hoefnagels,
A.P. Ruybalid,
O. van der Sluis,
M.G.D. Geers
Full-Field Identification of Mixed-Mode Adhesion Properties in Microelectronics from Micrographs Only

3  207

H.T. Chiang,
M.H. Lin,
C.H. Hsu,
C.S. Lin
Modal Verification of Rotor Blades of Top-Pressure Recovery Turbines

11  457

L. Bercelli,
B. Levieil,
C. Doudard,
F. Bridier

In Situ Observation of Fatigue Crack Closure in Welded Joints through Thermographic Stress Analysis

12:00 - 12:20

TS1  444

P. Luong,
R. Bonnaire,
L. Penazzi
Improvement Method for Measuring Kinematic Field by Digital Image Correlation for 2D Tensile Test at High Temperature

7  126

S. Falconer,
Z. Taylor,
R.A. Tomlinson
An Improved Photoelastic Skin Tissue Surrogate for Investigation of Needle Forces


3  209

G.R. Tear,
A.H. Cohen,
W.G. Proud
Predicting the Behaviour of Predamaged Concrete under Ballistic Loading

11  463

P. Lepitre,
S. Calloch,
C. Doudard,
M. Dhondt,
M. Surand
Identification of the Damage Scenarios Under Cyclic Loading of a Coated 300M Steel by Infrared Thermography Measurements
12:20 - 12:40

TS1  464

C. Casavola,
L. Del Core,
V. Moramarco,
G. Pappalettera,
M. Patronelli

Full-Field Experimental Study and Numerical Modeling of Soft Polyurethane Foams Subjected to Cycles Loading

7  223

A. Rouwane,
R. Bouclier,
J.C. Passieux,
J.N. Périé

Elastic Regularization of Digital Image Correlation: an Application to Cellular Materials

3  240

J. Smith,
J. Seidt,
A. Gilat
Using Full-Field Strain and Temperature Measurements to Determine the Taylor-Quinney Coefficient in Dynamic Tensile Tests
12:40 - 13:00

TS1  176

P. Ranachowski,
K. Wieczorek,
M. Jaroszewski,
Z. Ranachowski

Studies on the Effect of DC High Voltage on Samples From Glass-Epoxy Core Rods for Composite Insulators

7  310

J.F. Vandenrijt,
F. Languy,
M. Georges
Laser Ultrasound Flexible System Using Mid-Wave Infrared Generation Laser for Non-Contact Inspection of Composite Structures Made of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer


M. Pająk,
J. Janiszewski,
L. Kruszka
Sequent Investigation on Fiber Reinforced Self-Compacting Concrete under Dynamic Loadings
13:00 - 13:20




J. Berton,
F. Coussa,
J. Berthe,
M. Brieu,
É. Deletombe

Experimental Methodology for the Characterization of the Strain Rate Effect on the Nonlinear Damageable Behavior of a CFRP

13:20 - 14:20
Lunch break
Medium Hall A
Medium Hall B
Small Hall
14:20 - 14:40

TS1 137

J. Tabin
Strain Measurement by Means of Clip-on-Extensometers During Discontinuous Plastic Flow at 4 K


B.L.A. Pichler, 
J. Eberhardsteiner,
Ch. Hellmich

Three-Minutes Creep Tests and Ultrasonic Experiments of Cementitious Materials at Early and Mature Ages

3  473

A. Chattrairat,
R. Das,
P. Tran,
S. Aimmanee
Characterising the Mechanical Properties of Short Polyethylene Fibre and Bioglass Reinforced Silicone Composite Skin Simulants
14:40 - 15:00

TS1  479

V. Prakash Dubey,
M. Kopec,
Z.L. Kowalewski
Yield Surface Identification of Ti-Cu Bimetal and Its Evolution Reflecting Deformation History Under Complex Loadings

4 146

S. Smaniotto,
M. Neuner,
T. Cordes,
G. Hofstetter

A Comprehensive Experimental Program for Determining the Time-dependent Material Behavior of Shotcrete at Early Age


S. Bandyopadhyaya,
R. Kitey,
C.S. Upadhyay
The Effect of Carbon Black Content on Viscoelastic Properties of Vulcanized Natural Rubber
15:00 - 15:20

TS1  242

J. Liu,
S. Dhawan,
A. Wang,
Q. Zhang,
N. Zuelli,
D. Gonzalez,
L. Wang

Post-Form Strength Prediction for Hot Stamping of AA6082 Tailor Welded Blanks


L. Zelaya Lainez,
M. Königsberger,
O. Lahayne,
B.L.A. Pichler,
Ch. Hellmich
Microstructural and Micromechanical Characterization of Alkali-Activated Slag-Fly Ash Systems

3  483

M.K. Singh,
R. Kitey
Effect of Matrix Modification on Post Impact Flexural Characteristics of Glass Fiber Laminated Composite
15:20 - 15:40

TS1  384

E. Caetano
Assessment of Damage Vibration Features in a Degraded Suspension Footbridge


D.C. González,
M.A. Vicente,
G. Ruiz,
R.C. Yu,
Á. Mena,
J. Mínguez,
E. Poveda
Size Effect on the Compressive Fatigue of Steel-Fiber Reinforced Concrete Cylinders

3  493

R.B. Pęcherski,
Z. Nowak
Shear Banding a Key Mechanism Controlling Viscoplastic Flow. I. Development of Constitutive Relations
15:40 - 16:00

TS1  460

Y. Yuba,
S. Arikawa
Effect of Vibration on the Behavior of Blaha Effect in Iron Single Crystal Using Molecular Dynamics


G. Ruiz,
R.C. Yu,
J.J. Ortega,
E. Poveda,
D.C. González,
M.A. Vicente

Size Effect on the Compressive Fatigue of Steel-Fiber Reinforced Concrete Cubes


Z. Nowak,
R.B. Pęcherski
Shear Banding a Key Mechanism Controlling Viscoplastic Flow. II. Numerical Simulations of Some Experimentally Performed Processes
16:00 - 16:30
Closing Ceremony - Medium Hall A 

 Conference venue: Auditorium Maximum UJ, address: 33, Krupnicza St. Kraków

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