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SHIM-POL A.M. Borzymowski" E. Borzymowska-Reszka A. Reszka Spółka Jawna - Distributor of instruments and accessories in the field of materials analysis - strength and fatigue testing machines (static and dynamic), but also chromatography, spectroscopy, optics, mass spectrometry, bioanalyzers, advanced surface analyzers.


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For over 50 years MTS Systems and Elhys are providing  world leading solutions for material testing. Solutions cover testing of virtually all materials, from biomaterials through metals, to composites. Testing methods include static and dynamic testing in wide range of forces and frequencies, including Low and High Cycle Fatigue, Fracture Mechanics and DMA.




Lenso Sp. z o.o. is the exclusive distributor in Poland of GOM advanced metrology solutions, one of the leading suppliers of 3D scanners, optical deformation measurement systems for mechanical engineering and mechanics of materials on the international market. The Lenso team supports scientific groups of a lot of polytechnics, institutes as well as R&D sections of companies from various branches of the industry i.e. automotive and aviation.

Link to Lensohttps://lenso.com.pl/

Link to GOM: https://www.gom.com/



NNT – an innovative startup from Gdańsk with academic roots – develops technology that allows to quickly, fully non-invasively determine the state of stress in steel materials. The technology, based on an advanced analysis of magnetic phenomena (Barkhausen effect), gives a wide range of possibilities to examine the stress of steel elements of different sizes, geometries, including those covered with varnish coatings. Unwanted stresses occurring in steel materials are one of the primary causes of cracking, which can often have catastrophic consequences. Knowledge of the state of stress can therefore provide early information to prevent them. This is of great importance for safety, but also for limiting the negative economic consequences of failure. In addition, knowledge and control of the stress state is helpful in the stress state is helpful in processes – for example, to quickly verify the effectiveness of stress relief in welding processes.



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EC TEST Systems Sp. z o. o. delivers professional vision and thermovision systems. Our offer includes also metrology, diagnostics and simulations solutions for excitation and acoustic field. Our company is the exclusive deliverer of the world’s best leaders of the industry in Poland. We represent companies whose experience has been used by car manufactures, airlines, defense conglomerate and other undertakings which are operating in various branches of industry.


LaVision‘s imaging and sensor systems provide market-driven measurement solutions for material inspection, flow field imaging, spray and combustion analysis and particle sizing. For the non-destructive material testing market we offer highly precise deformation and strain measurement systems for surfaces and volumes. LaVision is working in close cooperation with the world's leading aerospace and automotive companies, universities and well-known research institutes.


X-Sight: Optical Systems and advanced Video Extensometers

The X-Sight company produces measurement systems and contact-less extensometers based on DIC (Digital Image Correlation) technology.
  • DIC systems for complex engineering and research experiments focus on quick and real-time measurements.
  • Video extensometers with advanced functionalities for a wide area of material testing applications.

Spectro-Lab is a private, Polish company estabilished in 1981. The company is one of the biggest sales and service supplier of laboratory equipment - analytical and testing for quality control and R&D laboratories in Poland.
We are an exclusive representative of: MTS Systems (Tensile machines, Fatigue test systems), Weiss/Votsch Technik (Testing chambers), IMV Corporation (Electrodynamic Vibration Test Systems), Thermo Fisher Scientific (Analitycal equipment), Q-LAB Corporation (Weathering testers), Buehler Ltd. (Metallographic Sample Preparation) etc.