Poster presentations

  • All posters will be displayed in the Poster Area (conference venue: Poster and Exhibition Room, 2nd floor). 

  • ​​​​​​​The maximum dimensions of the one-single poster zone are as follows 94 cm (width) x 230 cm (high). 

  • Poster boards will be marked with the abstract number (a request to add the appropriate number to the poster in order to freely assign the poster zone). 

  • The ICEM organizers also request that the poster area should be free after the end of the session so that the timeframe for subsequent poster presentations can be maintained. Posters not removed at the dismantling deadlines will be taken off by the Organizers. 

  • The organizers provide office materials for fastening and unfastening the posters. Please contact the conference reception desk located on the venue ground floor for any information.